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  About the Firm


The principal of BLG, Daniel A. Bergman, has been practicing law for three decades. The firm has received an AV® Rating from Martindale-Hubbell, the highest rating available and only given to approximately 5% of the law firms in America. The firm presently handles family law, civil and business matters and as your trusted advisor, and for our clients’ other needs, we can refer you to a network of other professionals, including attorneys, accountants and financial advisors.

Early on, when the practice was started, a choice had to be made – one option was to steer the practice towards obtaining a large number of clients that, in turn, would yield higher revenue for the firm. The downside was that the firm could not devote as much time to each client. The other option was to limit the number of clients, resulting in less revenue, but more time being devoted to each client for a higher quality of work. The second option was chosen so that BLG could provide the best personal and professional commitment as well as the moral and mandatory obligation to provide the best possible legal services to our clients.

Unlike some attorneys, we do not believe that it is our responsibility to tell a client what to do. The client should have the right to determine what is best for them. Thus, our job is to ensure that the client knows what is going on at all times (It should not be necessary for clients to call to ask us “What is happening with my case?”) and to advise the client of the alternatives, including the upside and downside risk, to any strategy. We have thus employed a procedure that not only requires every document we generate or is received by the other parties to a case to be sent to our clients (via U.S. mail or e-mail, whichever the client prefers), but also permit our clients to review any document they wish before it is finalized. This pledge has led to our firm’s slogan – “WE LISTEN TO OUR CLIENTS”

Oftentimes, a client has found with other attorneys that a case seems to drag on endlessly with no clear path to the end, frequently causing the client to unnecessarily incur fees. We believe that the route from A to Z should be established early on, to try to reach the main goal of the client as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Thus, we will develop a Case Strategy, usually within 30 days of being retained, based upon the client’s objectives, which strategy will include the projected steps that will be taken. This Case Strategy will then be approved by the client and be referenced and implemented throughout our representation of the client. We firmly believe that the cost of this Case Strategy, usually not less than $500.00, is well worth its weight in gold in keeping fees down in the long run and reaching a successful conclusion for our clients.

We look forward to a long and successful relationship with all of our clients.

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We Listen To Our Clients

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